Me, yesterday in London

Me, yesterday in London

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Those ‘If found, return to pub’ shirts

and ones like that.
To the people that wear them, we really don’t need a t-shirt to tell us this, we can see by your fucking belly.

I saw one the other day saying something like:
"Beer: tick
 Burger: tick
¬†Cleaning: X”

And I looked down at his belly, and how the t-shirt didn’t even cover it and I just thought “yeah, I can tell that.”

They irritate me.


The second Monday Night Breakdown show is tonight!
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Get in the chatroom later and tell us what songs you want to hear!

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Newport City Radio.
Monday Nights: 9-11pm.
Monday Night Breakdown.
Hit or Miss presents.

In a band? Want some airtime?

Alright, so if you’re in a band, or you’re a solo musician and you want to get on Newport City Radio, send us over your tracks. If we like what we hear, we’ll play your tracks on the show! And if you’re situated not that far from the studio, we might get you in at some point for an acoustic performance/interview!

So get messaging on here!

Newport City Radio

Alright, first post on here, new tumblr!

Alright, so a small percentage of you might already know about Newport City Radio.If you don’t already know, then check out the website here:

But anyway, the big news is that there’s a new show starting on it!
The first show was last Monday, but we will be returning every Monday night, 9-11pm, bringing you… dun dun duuuuuuuun…

Monday Night Breakdown

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